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This week's learning: Supertato


Supertato - Books Alive! Read Aloud book for kids

Books Alive! Read aloud the first instalment of the ground breaking, earth shattering superhero franchise - SUPERTATO! By Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet More fun...

Phonics Activities:


This week in phonics we will be focusing on the "p" sound.


Watch this video on Discovery Espresso education:


Follow the link to complete initial sound, blending, segmenting, reading and spelling activities which use the four sounds we have recently learned.



Watch how the letter "p" is formed. It can be tricky to make sure this letter sits in the right place on the line. The stick needs to drop down below the link and the ball sits on the line like the "a" does.


See if you can practise writing this weeks sound. Make sure you have lines on your paper to help!

Mathematics Activities:


Potato Print Patterns

Do you have any potatoes in your kitchen?

Ask your parents if it is ok to use one please.

You will need a parent's help to cut the potato. You can cut it in half or carve a pattern into it, why not try a few different shapes.

Using different colours of paint can you print a repeating pattern? Use 2 colours to begin with, e.g. red / blue / red /blue /red /blue

Then challenge yourself - can you create a pattern using 3 colours? Remember it must be the same repeated.

Religion - the creation story


Continuing from last week's theme of God's wonderful world - this week we explore how the world came to be.

What a Wonderful World Shadow Puppet.mp4

A wonderful world shadow puppet show performed by Raymond Crowe

Create your own wonderful world.


Follow the link to CAFOD's interactive world where you can design your own wonderful world, choosing the plants, animals and features you choose.

You may have a children's Bible at home, if not, please follow this link to the Creation story to share with your child.

Creation Story Stick


Can you make a creation stick story?


You will need to collect a long stick next time you go out for a walk.


Ask a parent for 7 elastic bands or some sticky tape.


Along your stick place 7 items to help you retell the story or creation - one for each day to represent what God made.


Remember to say "It is GOOD!" after you place each day.

Purple Mash - Instructions for this week's activities

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