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Click on the link in the document to open a learning route in Discovery Espresso (you will need your log on details).

Follow the learning route at the top of the page to complete your challenge using your geographical knowledge about rivers.


You can still explore the world while sat at home.


Week 1: World Explorer pack - Places looks at Map skills and explores the world with a focus on Africa. How well do you know the continents and oceans?


Week 2: World Explorer pack - Physical Features looks at the earth's plates and investigates mountains, earthquakes and volcanoes. 


Week 3: World Explorer pack - Weather and Climate looks at lines of latitude, different climate zones and extreme weather such as hurricanes.


Week 4: World Explorer pack - Country Close Up looks at naming countries in South America and explores Brazil in more detail.


Week 5: World Explorer pack - Food and Farming looks at where the food we eat is grown and explores Fairtrade. 


Week 6: World Explorer pack - Global Knowledge looks at famous landmark around the world and countries, capital cities and flags.


Week 7: World Explorer pack - Places looks at the continent of Europe, just like we have been doing in class, as well as South America and Oceania. 


Week 8: World Explorer pack - Physical Features looks at rivers - something we have been looking at in class and rainforests around the world. 


Week 9: World Explorer pack - Weather and Climate looks at climate zones around the world. 


Week 10: World Explorer pack - Country Close Up looks at the different countries of Europe. In the reading section of the pack, you will also learn lots of interesting facts about the Olympic Games.


Week 11: World Explorer pack – Food and Farming looks at the different ways food is produced around the world. Read all about palm oil and the impact its production has on the environment.


There are online activities available through logging in to Oddizzi as well as activities you can complete in your Home Learning Journal.


Download your packs now.

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