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Hello children and parents of Nursery,


I really hope you are all keeping safe and well during this tricky time.


Over the period that school is closed, I will be sending some things you can be doing at home to continue with all the important work Nursery have been doing in class this year. 


Here are a few simple things that would be really useful for the children to continually practise at home during the coming period:


  • Name writing. Please encourage the children to write their names starting with a capital letter with all other letters in lower case. Also, it is important that the children sit correctly at a table, hold their pencil correctly and use their other hand to hold the paper still as they write.
  • Copying letters. Along with writing their name, the children should be encouraged to practise copying other letters too, starting and ending in the correct places. It is also helpful is you can talk about the sound that the letter makes. Eg ‘We are writing the letter S. It makes the sssssss sound, like in snake.’ I have set some activities on the Education City website to support this. 
  • Drawing, painting, crafts and colouring. These are great ways to encourage fine motor skills, thinking imaginatively and attention to detail. There are lots of ideas on ‘’ for different things you could do with your child.
  • Counting. This can be done anywhere with anything. Asking the children to count a number of items or to pass you a certain number of things are simple yet effective ways of getting them to have a good understanding of number. 
  • Shape. Encourage the children to notice simple shapes in the environment by drawing their attention to shapes you can see and asking them to find different shapes. 
  • Get outside wherever possible. Although this may prove increasingly tricky, it is important the children are still given the opportunity to run around, climb and explore so they can develop their gross motor skills. There is also a link below to daily P.E. lessons. I hope parents will be joining in the lessons too!


Each child's log in details for Purple Mash and Education City were sent home on the children’s last day of school. I have set some home learning tasks for the children to complete on Education City. You will find them in the homework section. On the Purple Mash website, there is a wealth of tasks and games for the children to complete in the 'Minimash' area that are tailor-made for early years children.


Please click on the links at the top of this page to explore the exciting things you can do to learn at home. I will update ideas for home learning each week in the 'Weekly Challenge' area so please keep checking these at the beginning of each week.


I hope to see you all soon,


Miss Fletcher

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