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Do you know what this is?


We tried to work it out by collecting words to describe what we could see.

We then drew what we could see...

Before zooming the picture out to reveal what we had been looking at all along...


Can you work out what it is from our poems?

Pink sugary sides with lime inside,

Strawberry sweet sides with lemon inside.

I love it.

I could eat it because it looks so delicious, just like a toffee sweet.


It is a poppy.



Icing as yellow as mustard,

a banana marshmallow.

Sweet strawberry cupcake.

It looks amazing. I could eat it NOW

But what? I can't eat it?

It's a poppy! 



This is very tarty with sugar,

chocolate lines on an orange sweet,

if you see this you must eat it.

It is so yum, I would eat one hundred.


it's a poppy!



Pink lines as sugary as sweets,

the yellow lines are as yellow as lemons,

I love it because it looks yummy and very tasty.

I could eat it.

But wait... we zoom in and it is a poppy!


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