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Our Spanish teacher, Miryam, has kindly planned some lessons and activities for you to do whilst at home. You can use your books to record any information or write things down.
Lesson 1 - Numbers to 50
Lesson 2 - Food
Now you know the names of some food in Spanish, have a go at keeping a meal diary. Record what you eat for every meal each day - and write it in Spanish!
Lesson 3 - Animals

Now that you know the names of some animals in Spanish, have a go at this activity. 

Choose two animals that you really like and combine them into a hybrid animal! Look at the examples below for some inspiration.

In these pictures, a rhinoceros and a zebra are combined, a cat and a bird, an elephant and a butterfly, and a cat and a penguin.

Choose two animals that you think would go together really well, maybe they have great abilities that you want to combine. For example, a lion for its strength and speed but with the wings of an eagle so that it can fly! Using the names for the animals in Spanish create a new name for your animals by combining the words, for example, elefante (elephant) and mariposa (butterfly) combine to make eleposa! 
Lesson 4 - Spanish Around the World
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