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The First Moon Landing

At first, when we looked at images of the moon, we were limited with words to describe what it looked like. But soon we become more creative in our vocabulary and tried to 'better' the pervious adjectives.

We moved from grey, to silver, slate, near black, pale, off white... we realised there were many shades of grey.


We explored paint mixing to create these different tones of grey. Our challenge was to gradually get darker from white to black down the page by adding just a little black each strip. This was tricker than it sounds! 

Before we created our moon images, we changed media and used our sketch books to explore how we could create tone and texture using pastels.


Once we had built up our confidence using the pastels and had planned his we wanted to recreate our images of the moon we used paper as black as space to bring our moons to light.

We combined our knowledge of Neil Armstrong's mission to the moon with our own imaginations and using our computing skills pretended we were on a mission to space ourselves. Here are our thoughts on our time in space.
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