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Week beginning 11th May


Welcome to the start of the week. Today, we continue our story – The Elephant Teacup. In chapter 5, Gentle Dove and Kieran fight to keep Ellie alive. After reading the chapter, there is a comprehension activity to show how much of the chapter you have understood.

In the extended writing activity, now that we have seen Kieran react in a range of situations, create a character profile about him. Remember to use evidence from the story to support your opinions.

In maths, you are going to play the Pizza King Level of a game called Fractionios Pizzeria. Look at the order carefully and use the ingredients to make the correct pizza. Remember to keep the customer happy or they will leave the shop.

In our coding activity we are you need to write some code to change the background colour by clicking on the switch.


Today we finish our short story and then do some work to check how well you have understood it. In today’s final chapter, Kieran learns the true meaning of the Elephant Teacup. After reading the chapter write a review of the story. Would you recommend it to other children?

In maths, you are going to be writing number up to 1000 in words. Remember to make sure you spell everything correctly.

Before we begin our new story and lots of activities relating to what you have read we are going to get artistic. In the text we read today it says He gestured towards the clay works. “Everything is connected to them.” They crossed the cobbled bridge and stood outside the factory, momentarily transfixed by the moonlight dancing on the calm canal water. On impulse, Kieran pulled out his phone and took a picture. Use 2Paint a Picture to recreate the scene.


In Literacy, we are going to begin reading a new book called Replica Face. Imagine being able to turn into somebody else. That’s what happens to Safia when she finds and old mask. She has the choice to use the mask for good or bad. In the opening chapter Safia and her class visit a museum and as they leave she finds an old mask on the floor. What will happen when she puts it on?

For the extended writing you need to write how would you make use of the mask? Would you become your hero? Would you play tricks on people? Would you use it to help someone?

 In maths, we practice adding hundreds to three-digit numbers. Can you get them all right?

We have lots of activities for you to complete based on the chapter you have read. In the story Safia found and used a mask. You have the chance to create and print out your own mask. You can either use the templates or create your own using 2Design and Make. Alternatively, you could create a game in 2DIY3D where you have to collect some masks to win the game or create a 2Code activity to change both masks and costumes. Remember to save your work as you can upload it to the class blog.


 In today’s chapter, we learn that everyone at school is scared of Dave Clash. Safia decides to use the mask to teach him a lesson he won't forget. Show how well you understand what you have read by completing the comprehension activity.

For the extended writing, at the end of the chapter, Rob and Safia are talking about what they might do next. Continue their conversation about their plans for using the mask.

In maths, you will be working out which fraction of a number line is shaded. We continue with some more activities today relating to Replica Face.

For the next activity you could take a photo of yourself wearing your mask and then write about how your mask makes you feel when you wear it.

Finally, we read in the story that Dave Clash was the school bully. Sometimes bullies are hiding behind a mask. On the writing frame explore the real feelings behind a bully's behaviour.


Today, you are going to continue reading ‘Replica Face.’ In chapter 3 it's time for the school assembly and Safia uses the mask to make it an assembly the children have only dreamed of. For extended writing, at the end of the chapter, Mr Bradby is locked in his office unaware that lessons have been cancelled. What will happen next? Write the next part of the story.

 In maths, you will need to continue practising your times tables using Monster Multiplication. Remember, you can have as many goes as you like. The more you answer, the more your monster will continue to evolve.

We continue with activities relating to Replica Face. Today you have a choice of things to do. Firstly, Safia has sent you an email asking what you would do if you could use the mask. Can you send her your reply? You could use 2Animate to show a face morphing into another one and then compose a morphing tune on 2Sequence. Can you insert this into your animation?

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