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Week beginning 18th May


Today, we continue our story – Replica Face. In chapter 4, It's the end of the school day and the mask has helped ensure it is a day to remember. After reading the chapter, there is a comprehension activity to show how much of the chapter you have understood.

In the extended writing activity, Mr Bradby dealt with parents who complained about the chaotic day. Imagine that you are one of the disgruntled parents. Write a letter of complaint to Mr Bradby.

In maths, you are going to play Challenge B of a game called Bond Bubbles. Look at the target number and fire the balls accurately to make the given number. Make sure you don’t cross the home line, or it is game over.

For our topic work we have a number of activities to choose from relating to our story, Replica Face. There is a writing activity linked to the avatar creator on Purple Mash. Watch the video to learn what to do. You can then carry on the 2Create a Story adventure story. Use you webcam to take a picture of you and then insert it into the story. Finally, there is a  Developing Tray activity. Can you ‘unmask’ the letters to reveal the text about the use of masks in history.



Today we finish our short story and then do some work to check how well you have understood it. In today’s final chapter, the Prime Minister is visiting the school and Safia has lost the mask. What will happen if someone finds it? After reading the chapter, write a review of the story. Would you recommend it to other children?

In maths, you are going to be writing number up to 1000 in words. Remember to make sure you spell everything correctly.

Before we begin our new story tomorrow, there are some more activities linked to Replica Face. You could create your own branching database of famous people you could be if you had the mask from Replica Face. There is a sample database for you to look at to give you some ideas. There is a writing frame where we think that sometimes our behaviour can mask our true feelings. For example, when I get grumpy it may be masking the fact I am tired and need to go to bed.



In Literacy, we are going to begin reading a new book called Alien Hotel about a visit to the universes first Alien hotel. What will you find there and what mysteries await? In the opening chapter, Sally Mitton and three other children have won a trip to an alien hotel! But someone is not very pleased to see them.

For the extended writing, imagine you have just landed on an alien world. You are the first human to ever visit the planet. Describe the aliens you encounter.

In maths, we use our knowledge of multiplication and division facts to answer the questions. Can you get them all right?

Today we are going to use variables, timers and if statement to write some code to change day to night and night to day. 



In today’s chapter, we learn that floating beds and bubbling swimming pools are great but what about dangerous trap doors? Show how well you understand what you have read by completing the comprehension activity.

For the extended writing, at the end of the chapter, Mr Blazz had an alien hotel rule book. Imagine you found a copy of the rule book dropped on the floor. What kind of rules do you think may be in the book?

In maths, you will looking at perpendicular and parallel lines. Remember parallel lines are lines that that never meet and perpendicular lines are lines at 90 ° to each other. 

This week and next we will be working on some activities connected to aliens and alien invasions. Today you need to use the branching database to find out the names of the aliens on the worksheet. (This is attached below as a PDF).



Today, you are going to continue reading ‘Alien Hotel.’ In chapter 3 Snake service at the hotel is great; being shut out isn’t! What on earth will Sally and her alien friends do?

For extended writing, at the end of the chapter, you have been asked to write a guidebook about Hotel Kazoom. What rooms are in the hotel? What strange creatures work there? Are there any fantastic inventions to help the guests?

In maths, you will need to be racing against the computer in 2Race as you show your knowledge of number bonds up to 1000. Remember the more correct answers you get the quicker your racer will go. We continue with activities relating to aliens and alien invasions. There is a 3D game for you to finish off. Collect the rockets and avoid the aliens. Remember to give the game a title. Can you share it with your friends?

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