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Week beginning 27th April

Week beginning 27th April 2020



Today, we are going to start a new book – School Swap. In chapter 1, we are introduced to best friends – Jay and Adil who both attend Mill Hill school. Will Jay get himself into another detention with Mr Jones? After reading the chapter, there is a comprehension activity to show how much of the chapter you have understood. In the extended writing activity, it is time to think creatively. Think of someone you know, or someone famous, who you believe has a much easier life than you. Perhaps you would like to swap places with this person. Compare your life with theirs. In maths, you will be whizzing around a town in 2Race, completing addition questions up to 100. Remember for each question you get correct; the speed of your car will increase. In our coding activity, we are going to help a soldier to guard the castle. Can you write the code to help him do his job properly?


Tuesday: Today we are going to read chapter 2 of our story, School Swap and then do some work to check how well you have understood it. In today’s chapter, we find out if Jay has fun in his new body. For the extended writing, imagine that you are Jay. Write a diary entry about your strange day. What worries or concerns do you have? How does it feel for people to be treating you as a grown up? In maths, you are going to be identifying the value of digits in numbers up to 1000. For topic work this week, we are going to study the Vikings who invaded and then settled in England 1200 years ago. Today, we are going to think about the Viking invasions of England which happened on and off for a period of 300 years. There are lots of resources on the Internet to help you investigate the Vikings further. First you need to load up the Viking Mash Cam. You can write, or speak using the record button, to explain why a Viking may have chosen to leave their homeland behind them and attack and then settle in England. After the Mash Cam activity, imagine you are reporting on the Viking Invasion. Complete the Viking Invasion writing frame. There is some information for you to read when you load the frame up.


Wednesday:  In Literacy, we are going to read the next chapter and then complete some activities based around what you have read. In today’s chapter, Mr Jones finds out what it’s really like to be in Jay’s shoes. Will he finally understand why Jay finds it difficult to do his homework? For the writing activity: The chapter ends with Jay phoning Mr Jones to ask where he keeps his fire extinguisher. How might Mr Jones react to such a request? Is Jay in trouble? Write the next part of the conversation. In maths, we continue our work on place value, identifying pictorial models that represent a figure. Can you get them all right? For topic, you are going to find out about Viking family life. What jobs did the men and women have? What happened when children were born? What clothes did they wear and what food did they eat? Record your learning in the writing template and complete the piece of writing by filling in the missing words in the text.


Thursday: In today’s chapter, Mr Jones comes up with a plan to swap bodies back with Jay, but first Jay must pretend to be Mr Jones and follow his lesson plans carefully. Show how well you understand what you have read by completing the comprehension activity. For the extended writing, consider if the two characters will be able to swap back to their bodies? What problems might they have? Write the next part of the story. In maths, you are going to be identifying one more or less from numbers up to 1000. Continue your learning about the Vikings, exploring their beliefs. Who did they worship? There are three activities about Viking Gods and beliefs. In the first one you need to pair up the picture of the god with his or her name. In the second activity, we are going to use a program called Developing Tray. Can you complete the text about Viking beliefs without buying any letters? What score can you get? You may need to do some research on the internet to help you answer the text. Finally, there is a short writing activity where you write about some Viking gods and goddesses including Odin, Thor, Freya, Freyr and Skadi.


Friday: Today, you are going to continue reading ‘School Swap.’ Jay and Mr Jones still haven’t managed to swap bodies back, which means Mr Jones will have to try out for the football team as Jay. For extended writing, now that we have seen Mr Jones react in a range of situations, create a character profile about him. Remember to use evidence from the story to support your opinions. In maths, you will need to continue practising your times tables using Monster Multiplication. Remember, you can have as many goes as you like. The more you practise, the more your monster will continue to evolve. For Topic, you are going to find out about King Alfred. Who was he? What battles did he have with the Vikings? Did he manage to make peace with them? There is a choice of two activities. You can record your learning using the writing template or you could retell a significant event in Alfred’s life in 2Create a Story. Draw the pictures and then illustrate them underneath.

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