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Week beginning 4th May


Welcome to the start of the week. Today, continue our story – School Swap. In chapter 6, we find out if the two can swap back again. After reading the chapter, there is a comprehension activity to show how much of the chapter you have understood.

In the extended writing activity, write a review of the story.

In maths, you are going to play Challenge B of a game called Funky Platform. Use your skills in multiplication, addition and subtraction to jump across the correct platforms to make a given number.

In our coding activity we are you need to write some code so that the genie appears from the lamp and then goes back inside.

This week we approach the 75th anniversary of the end of World War 2 in Europe (VE Day). This week there are a series of activities relating to World War 2. Today, you can imagine you are a soldier who has been away fighting in the war. What are you looking forward to most now that the war in Europe is at an end?



Today we are going to read a new story called ‘The Elephant Teacup’ and then do some work to check how well you have understood it. In today’s opening chapter, whilst on a school trip Kieran is dared by his friend to drink out of the old cup found hidden in the cupboard. What special powers does the elephant Teacup have?

In maths, you are going to be completing some work to test your knowledge of the 4X and 8X tables by completing number sequences.

Today we continue our activities about the 75th anniversary of VE Day. For the activity today you have a quiz about VE day to complete and then you could research what happened on VE Day and design your own quiz.



In Literacy, we are going to read the next chapter and then complete some activities based around what you have read. In today’s chapter, Kieran finds himself near a huge elephant and is invited join in with Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show. For the writing activity imagine you have time travelled in your local area. You can choose how far you have travelled back in time. Write about how your surroundings are familiar yet so different.

In maths, we practice adding tens to three-digit numbers. Be careful when the number crosses across the hundred.

For our topic work on the VE Day celebrations we are thinking about Rationing which was still in place at the end of the war. What was rationing, why was rationing introduced and what kinds of food were rationed?



In today’s chapter, Kieran meets Gentle Dove and tries to explain how he doesn’t really belong here. Ellie, the elephant, comes to the rescue. Show how well you understand what you have read by completing the comprehension activity. For the extended writing, Kieran needs to get back to the future. Will Gentle Dove and Ellie be able to help him? Continue the story in your own words.

 In maths, you are going to play a pairs game involving the 3,4 and 8 times tables. Can you match the pairs before the time runs out?

Continuing your work on VE Day you are going to write a newspaper report about the VE day celebrations in 1945. How do you think people felt now that war in Europe was at an end, how did they celebrate, what was the role of the King and Queen? The writing frame has some information for you to read or there is lots of information online to support you in your writing.



Today, you are going to continue reading ‘The Elephant Teacup.’ After taking part in the procession, disaster strikes when Ellie eats some poisonous leaves. For extended writing, at the end of the chapter we learn, Gentle Dove and Kieran are talking about what they might do next. Continue their conversation about their plans to help Ellie.

 In maths, you will need to continue practising your times tables using Monster Multiplication. Remember, you can have as many goes as you like. The more you practise, the more your monster will continue to evolve.

As the war ended in Europe and people celebrated VE Day there were festivities held across the country. People put up flags and bunting and street parties were held. For our final pieces of work on VE Day you can draw one of the street parties in 2Paint a Picture or colour in your own picture of the Union Flag. Maybe you could display it in your window to mark the celebrations.


Have a great weekend and thanks for all your work this week.

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