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Classopoly Attendance and Punctuality

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What's the state of play?

15/03/2019 - A warm welcome to you and thank you for tuning into the Classopoly attendance and punctuality page for an update.  We would like to thank you all for continuing to ensure that your wonderful children attend school, and on time, regularly.  It is really having an impact on their progress and attainment.  The past three weeks have seen amazing whole class attendance figures for most classes.  Please remember that if your child arrives very late for school it could mean that they have to be recorded as missing a full morning in the register - this has meant, on one or two occasions that a class has missed the 96% target.  Everyone needs to be in school on time please.  To help you, some considerable time ago,  we decided to open the classroom doors ten minutes earlier than the start of school day - they are open at 8.45am and this means all children have the chance to be sitting at their desk and ready for the first lesson to commence at 8.55am. 


There have been some great rewards for classes  - please see pictures below - our children are thoroughly enjoying the Classopoly Attendance reward system which is contributing to the school's overall rise in attendance - we are now achieving 95.1% heading upwards towards the nationally set target of 96%.  We still have a way to travel but we are absolutely positive that by working together we can all get there.  Your children benefit so much from regular attendance and good punctuality - keep up the good efforts and thank you!


Week ending Thursday 14th March 2019 - whole school achieved 96.9% - Just Amazing!

YEAR 2           100%           WHAT, AGAIN! - 2 plays on Classopoly winning a non-uniform day on Friday 22nd March, and Penalty Shoot-out

YEAR 1           99.6%    ASTOUNDING! - 1 play winning I-Pad time

YEAR 4           97.7%   INCREDIBLE! - 1 play winning milkshake and biscuits treat

NURSERY       97.0%   EXCELLENT! - 1 play winning extra playground time

YEAR 3           96.3%   UNBELIEVABLE! - 1 play winning  extra playground time

YEAR 6           95.9%   OOH Nearly! - whole school attendance for the week  of 96.9% - Fabulous means 1 play - Movie in the hall - Lucky

RECEPTION    95.7%   Almost! -whole school attendance for the week  of 96.9% - Fabulous means 1 play - Milkshake and biscuits treat - Yum

YEAR 5           91.5%   Come on Yr5! - whole school attendance for the week  of 96.9% - Fabulous means 1 play - Silly Sock Day - Go for it Yr 5!

Today - Friday 15th March was designated "Whole school crazy hair day" which has been embraced by all, pupils and staff alike with more fabulous styling of hair.  We are keeping certain well-know hair shops in business we believe as demand for all manner of hair accessories increases.  Keep it up - it is wonderful to see so much creativity!  take a look at some pictures of crazy hair styles along with other rewards our children have been having.

Classopoly Rewards

Classopoly Rewards 1
Classopoly Rewards 2
Classopoly Rewards 3
Classopoly Rewards 4
Classopoly Rewards 5
Classopoly Rewards 6
Classopoly Rewards 7
Classopoly Rewards 8
Classopoly Rewards 9
Classopoly Rewards 10
Classopoly Rewards 11
Classopoly Rewards 12
Classopoly Rewards 13
Classopoly Rewards 14
Classopoly Rewards 15
Classopoly Rewards 16

The end of the first Spring Term 2019 in February saw us reach the mid-year point of the academic year 2018/19 - how is our attendance progressing?


We are pleased to report that school has improved on its overall attendance by 0.4% - it now stands at 94.9%.  The number of children who are classed as "persistently absent" has also improved - but it needs to improve even more!  Children need to be in school every day in order to have the best possible chance of achieving their potential and we are here to help.  We still have some way to go in order to achieve the target but with consistent efforts, working together we can all do this - it can only benefit our children and thank you for your efforts.  It is so important - your children love being in and their class taking a turn on Classopoly when they manage to achieve the target of 96% or above.


In the week after returning from the February half term school managed to achieve 96.8% - amazing result and this meant every class took a turn on Classopoly and won a reward - this is what they won on the board:

Nursery                     Extra Sports Play

Reception                 Party Games in the Hall

Year 1                       Extra I-Pad Time

Year 2                       Silly Sock Day

                                  Extra Playtime

                                  Choice from Cathedral Chest

Year 3                      Crazy Hair Day

Year 4                      Silly Sock Day

Year 5                     Crazy Hair Day

Year 6                     Non-Uniform Day

For the week Friday 8th February 2019 till and including

Thursday 14th February 2019


Great efforts again this week with 3 classes achieving the school target of 96% or more - and another 3 classes who only just missed it! - an amazing effort by all.  The rewards won this week in our assembly, much enjoyed by all....include.....


Year 2  (98.6%) ~ Parachute time.

Year 4  (98.5%) ~ ? Choose from any street name - well done year 4 with a fabulous effort!

Year 3  (96.7%) ~ Party games in the hall. 


Year 2 classroom door 

Fabulous display of certificates for having won a weekly play on Classopoly!



Also in assembly were year 6, who last week won a Crazy Hair Day reward and they didn't let themselves down with some amazing efforts. Take a look...


                             Year 6 Crazy Hair Classopoly Reward - Fantastic!                                                                                          


For the week Friday 1st February 2019 till and including Thursday 8th February 2019.....

Everyone in school has made a fantastic effort this week and 6 classes managed to achieve the school target of 96% or more - one class with 100% - an amazing effort by all and thank you parents for your input.  There was great excitement in the Classopoly attendance assembly... the rewards won include:

Reception                 Going to the Movies!

Year 1                        Extra playground time

Year 2                        Penalty shoot-out

Year 3                        Parachute time

Year 5                        ? Choose from any street name

Year 6                        ? Choose from any street name

(100% 2 plays)          Marshallow Fondue


How fabulous ~ and of course we also celebrate every week in assembly all children who have managed to come in 100% - 5 days for that week - their given ticket is put in their class tub ready for the raffle at the end of term.

Our wonderful children are benefitting from good attendance and punctuality and it is a whole school effort from our fantastic parents, our hard-working and dedicated staff,  and of course our amazing children!

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Year 1 Classopoly Bowling 🎳

Year 1 Classopoly Bowling 🎳  1
Year 1 Classopoly Bowling 🎳  2
Year 1 Classopoly Bowling 🎳  3
Year 1 Classopoly Bowling 🎳  4

Lots of rewards have been won by all classes in the weeks since we commenced with Classopoly in mid November 2018 - the children continue to make great efforts and are enthusiastic about their rewards and we all want to encourage this.


Year 2 for one of their rewards wore odd/silly socks - here are a few pictures ....


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