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Becoming a Detective...

Year Three were determined to become the best detectives they could to solve the crime of the missing bananas. Year Three had to find the culprit who had stolen all of the bananas from Mandy the monkey! Firstly, they needed to collect the evidence. This meant a thorough inspection of the crime scene. 

There was a half eaten apple, some paint, a fingerprint, a message in Morse code and most importantly the empty box of fruit. The fruit had been stolen and it was up to Year Three to solve this crime and return the fruit to Mandy the monkey. 

We finally solved the case. Year Three were shocked to discover it had been their lead detective all along who had stolen the fruit from Mandy! Year Three explained to the detective that they needed to apologise to Mandy and make sure they returned all of the fruit. The detective said sorry and promised never to commit a crime again. 


Year Three finished their brilliant detective day off, by creating newspaper articles to tell the community about the crime and the excellent detective skills they used to solve the case. 

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