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Attendance and Punctuality


Please click on this link to our attendance initiative "Classopoly" page and see how fantastically your children are doing with their attendance levels.  Thank you to all our parents who are helping their children to progress their learning by being in school regularly and on time!  This makes a huge difference to their education and you are helping them to achieve in life.  We will work with you to help achieve this.  Our whole school attendance for the autumn term 2018 (September-December 2018) was 95.5% - fantastic and we know we can achieve the target of 96% if we keep trying.  Well done to everyone - parents, staff and of course, our amazing children!


The Cathedral School of St Peter and St John RC Primary believes that by working together we can enable our children to access the education to which they are entitled by law. Regular and prompt attendance will allow this and at our school we want to provide full-time, quality education suitable to every child’s age and ability and any special needs they may have.


To achieve this The Cathedral School of St Peter and St John RC Primary will work alongside our parents and carers, the community and the Education Welfare Service.


Maintaining a High Profile for Attendance and Punctuality

School Attendance and Punctuality Policy 2018/19

In our school, the aim is for children to achieve at least 96% attendance for the academic year - this is in line with the national target as set by the Department for Education. To encourage high levels of attendance we will adopt the following strategies:


  • Keep accurate records

  • Maintain clear procedures for recording lateness

  • Ensure unauthorised absences are dealt with promptly

  • Raise awareness of attendance issues at parents’ evenings, new intake days/meetings and letters to parents/carers.

  • Following the local authority guidance on holidays and absence in term time.

  • Rewarding good attendance – celebrating class achievements, certificates, rewards.

  • To continue to promote attendance with the support of the Education Welfare Officer.

  • Applying the Attendance and Punctuality Policy consistently and to review annually.


Attendance – Pupils Eligible for Free School Meals and Other Focus Groups


Attendance of pupils eligible for free school meals, along with other groups of learners will be monitored closely. In the academic year 2016/2017, the percentage of pupils absent for more than 10% of sessions was above the national averages for free school meal pupils, those with an EHCP (Education Health Care Plan) or Statement of Special Educations Needs (SEN) and those receiving additional SEN support. The school aims to narrow the attendance gap between these groups and other pupils in school.


Roles and Responsibilities



  • To ensure the strategies of the school attendance policy are adhered to by all staff.



  • To understand the importance of regular school attendance and punctuality.



  • To ensure that their children achieve an attendance figure over 96%

  • To ensure that their children arrive at school promptly - class doors open at 8.45am

  • To keep school up to date with contact numbers and home addresses

  • To contact school before 9.30am to report their child's absence

  • To ensure that non-emergency medical appointments, i.e. dental check-ups, are made outside school hours

  • To avoid absence in term-time

  • To ensure leave of absence in term-time requests are completed on the correct form for consideration by the Head Teacher


Salford Local Education Authority


The Local Authority will provide consultation and support for schools where attendance for a pupil looks likely to fall below 96% for the academic year. This may include:


  • Attendance meetings with the school Attendance Lead, the Head Teacher and the Education Welfare Officer (EWO)

  • Home visits

  • Advice on penalty notices

  • Fast track to prosecution

  • To work with school on devising and implementing new initiatives to promote attendance and punctuality


Procedures - who does what and when?


  • Attendance is entered onto the school recording system on a daily basis. It is the responsibility of the class teacher to take the register accurately each morning and afternoon session.

  • The school attendance lead, and EWO will monitor the school attendance regularly in meetings, and at a minimum every half term. Liaising with Head Teacher any concerns regards attendance will be addressed following the attendance and punctuality procedures.

  • Where attendance for an individual/group of children becomes a concern, weekly monitoring will take place.

  • The school Attendance Lead, Head Teacher and EWO will monitor lateness every half term and address concerns with parents.

  • Where punctuality for an individual/group of children becomes a concern, weekly monitoring will take place.

  • Any child arriving after 9.30am will receive a "U" code - this is an unauthorised absence session (a session is a half-day).

  • A holistic approach to tackling attendance issues will be consistently applied by school and the Education Welfare Service.

  • Communicating the attendance and punctuality policy to parents/carers will be undertaken through regular newsletters and it will be displayed on the school website.

  • When attendance falls below 90% parents will be contacted. If there are exceptional circumstances then these factors will be taken into consideration.


Attendance and Punctuality


  • In order that every child has the opportunity to reach their potential, regular attendance is a

    necessity. The Cathedral School of St Peter and St John RC Primary values good

    attendance. The Head Teacher will decide if absence is authorised/unauthorised in

    accordance with our policy.


  • Attendance is regularly monitored and reviewed at least every half term. Names and reasons for absence/lates are recorded for those pupils whose attendance falls under 90%. Pupils are discussed with the Education Welfare Officer and if justified, the parent/carer will be informed by letter if there is an attendance concern. If attendance/punctuality does not improve then parents/carers will be asked to attend an attendance panel meeting with the school Attendance Lead, the Head Teacher and EWO. This information is shared with staff.


  • For religious observance, there will be a maximum of 1 day allowed for each religious festival and 2 days in total in any school year unless there are extenuating circumstances.



  • From 1st September 2013 amendments to the Education (Pupil Registration) (England) Regulations 2006, removed references to family holiday and extended leave as well as the statutory threshold of ten school days. The amendments make clear that the Head Teacher may not grant any leave of absence during term time unless there are exceptional circumstances.


  • Penalty Notices will be issued to parents/carers taking their children out of school in term time (10 sessions/5 days). Payment within 21 days of receipt of notice is £60 and £120 if paid after 21 days but within 28 days. The fine will apply to each parent for each child who fails to attend regularly.


  • Medical evidence may be requested for illness if school attendance is a concern.


  • Incentives and rewards - these include weekly raffle tickets for full attendance in a week, certificates and other rewards given in assemblies.



Monitoring and Evaluation


The Cathedral School of St Peter and St John will evaluation the effectiveness of its strategies by:

  • Half-term monitoring of attendance through the SIMS recording system.

  • Regular consultation with the Education Welfare Officer

  • Referrals to the Education Welfare Service

  • Planning and evaluating initiatives

  • Annual analysis of patterns over a 3 year cycle

  • Feedback to the school Governing Body via the Curriculum sub-committee every term - this will be 3 times per year.

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