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One morning we came into the Year 1 classroom and a little door had appeared, we didn't know why! Mrs Mc Fadden said maybe it was someone's home, but who's could it be? Who would fit through such a small door?

" A worm" says Phoenix.

" The Gingerbread man" Annabelle.

" It could be a mouse" Max. 

The next day we saw a mouse at the door, he said he wanted to be our class pet, he said his name was Harry. 

A few days later., Harry had disappeared! Where could he be? 

We made missing posters.

When Harry returned, he told us (by letter) that he had visited the countryside, and could we guess who he met on his evening walks.

We then read the story of Harry the Happy mouse which told us who he had met in the countryside.

Wow, what a journey Harry has been on!  

On a cold January morning the children walked into class to find evidence that someone had been in their classroom during the night! There were white prints on the carpet, an atlas, a bag, a map, a half eaten biscuit, a jigsaw of a fish and ice cubes were left. Using the magnifying glasses the children explored the clues and made their predictions. The following day a book called Lost and Found had appeared, along with a letter from a character in the story. The story was about a lost penguin and the boy in the story wanted the year 1 children to help him find the penguins home. They decided to work in groups to make missing posters. 

In our English unit the children have been learning traditional rhymes, including;

I'm a little teapot,

one , two, buckle my shoe,

oranges and lemons,

there was an old lady who swallowed a fly

and much more! The children were able to identify rhyming words and even complete sentences with rhyming words.

Below is a performance of  'In and out the dusty bluebells.' The children have been practising very hard to remember the words and the actions.

Well done year 1!


Still image for this video

We have been reading the story of The Great Paper. The story is set in a forest, one day branches started disappearing from the trees, the characters in the story blamed each other but they all had an alibi! The children were so excited to find out who was committing the crime.


One morning the children arrived to find Miss Myers with a confused look on her face, she had noticed 

some strange happenings in the playground, there were broken branches, paper aeroplanes and crushed flowers. Could the thief from the story been in the playground?

The children made their predictions, "I think the boy did it because he was carrying a branch in the story." Said Zaira, Nyla and Jojo. 


Working With a partner the children went outside to investigate! 

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