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"We all live the same distance from school."


This was the hypothesis presented to Year 1 to debate and investigate.


Some children agreed with the statement. "We all live close by. We can all walk, so we all live the same distance away."


Other children disagreed, "I come in a car because I live to far away to walk everyday, but my friend lives just over there, I can see his house from the playground."


We couldn't come to an agreement - so how could we investigate to find out if the statement was true or false?


School aerial image

Using Digimaps, the children each plotted their home on the map, using an ariel image of our school and surrounding area the children were able to zoom in and find their own houses on their streets.


Once everybody's house had been pinned on the map we were then able to look and compare how far away we lived. We found that although all the houses were close together when the map showed Salford, when we looked closer, some children lived very local to school and others a few streets away.


The children were able to use their map to unanimously agree that our initial hypothesis was in fact false!

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