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Science - Plants

Revisiting our Year 1 scientific knowledge we have been in our local environment making nature bracelets. 

This was a chance for us to explore the different leaves and flowers found within our school grounds. We were able to name some of them independently such as grass, daisy, daffodil and we used our identification charts to name others.


Sorting and classifying seeds

We weren't told what we had in front of us.  All we were told was that we had to sort them... but we recognised some as seeds so we had an idea!

Working in groups we had the opportunity to investigate the similarities and differences, from the tiniest poppy seed to a large round tulip bulb, from the smooth broad bean to the wrinkled sweetcorn seed. 

We each made notes about what we thought and then came together to agree how we would sort them. Some children decided to sort by size, others by colour, some split the seeds from the bulbs - all were able to give good reasons for the choice of characteristics they had chosen to categorise by.

When we finished we all had the same question to ask - when are we planting them!!!



What does it look like inside a fruit?

We cut them open to find out.

Using our observational skills we examined cross sections of different fruits closely.

Were there seeds? If so, where? and what type?


We learned that plants make fruit to protect their seeds and invite animals to eat them to spread the seeds.


We then classified our fruits by seeds type:

  • fruits with many seeds
  • fruits with 1 seed
  • fruits with seeds on the outside
  • fruits with tiny seeds
  • fruits that people think are vegetables


We loved sharing the book "A fruit is a suitcase for seeds" because it showed us what we had just discovered and told us more about it.

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