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Exploring materials

Fudge the puppy needed our help, she wanted to help his owners find a material that would clean up her accidents. We made a prediction of which material would be the best to use, to find out we carried out an experiment using different materials. 

Waterproof? Absorbent?

We have been recording weather in different ways and comparing the data we collected. To measure rainfall in April.  we split into two groups and each made a rain gauge. One rain gauge was placed under a tree and another outside he classroom. We recorded the rainfall over 5 days in April. 


Which rain gauge collected the most rain?


Why do you think they each collected a different amount of rain?

"The tree stops the rain." Yennefer. "The rain is on the leaves." Alicia

How  does the ground feel after it has been raining?

"Wet", "muddy"

How long do you think it will take to dry? 

"In the morning.' Lillie. 

"Two days." Eryk

Does the ground feel the same under the tree? 

"No, it feel different." Max.


"It isn't wet."  Max.



Since  October 2022 the children have been taking it in turns to record the daily weather, morning and afternoon. They worked together to analyse the date. In February we seemed to have had all the elements. Some children questioned the data, "I don't think there would be a lot of sun in February because it is winter, I think April has more sunshine because it is Spring." Eryk tells his friends. Alicia adds "December, January and February is Winter." "March, April and May is Spring." Responds Max.

"Summer is June, July and August." Says Zaira. "September, October and .... Annabelle could not remember the month that comes after October.  "Sing the song." Phoenix suggested. Annabelle sang the months of the year song and was able to complete her sentence.

The children made their predictions about what the weather will be like in the next few months.

"Sunny."  Michael.

"Hot." Laura.

" it will get colder in September because it will be Autumn."  Yennefer.

Recording the weather

Following our educational visit to RHS Bridgewater, we have continued to learn more about plants. We have looked at each part of a plant and discussed what each part does. 

"A plant needs the sun, water and air to grow." Eryk.

"Its called oxygen." Max

"The roots suck up the water." Laura.

What do we call it?

"It absorbs." Answers Jojo.

The children have looked at wild flowers and house plants. Alicia told us that some flowers are poisonous!

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