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Goldilocks and the Three Bears

After reading the story of Golidlocks and the Three Bears, Nursery were hungry for some porridge. We followed a recipe by mixing some porridge oats with milk, adding some banana chunks and we managed to make porridge that was 'just right!' Miss Fletcher had left her porridge to cool down only to return finding it had been eaten up! CCTV showed a small blonde girl had gobbled up the porridge in the night and made a speedy getaway from the scene of the crime.

Nursery searched high and low for the elusive Goldilocks. They drew pictures of her to help show people what she looked like and Max decided a trap was the best way to catch the villain, 'it has to be sticky so she gets her feet stuck to it,' he explained. Goldilocks has not yet returned to Nursery and is still on the loose so make sure you don't leave your breakfast unattended!

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