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Stone Age to Iron Age

The Stone Age

Stonehenge is a Neolithic monument made up of large blocks of stone. Built in various stages, with the iconic stone circle constructed over 5,000 years ago, Stonehenge has become one of the best-known monuments of its kind in the world.


Stonehenge is a monument shrouded in mystery. As one of the most famous historical landmarks in the United Kingdom and a fantastic example of the prehistoric culture that once thrived in the British Isles, it attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors every year.

Beaker Folk

The Bronze Age in Britain started with the arrival of the Beaker Folk from Europe. They brought with them the knowledge of how to mix the copper and tin to make bronze. Just like the Stone Age was so called because early humans made tools from stone, the Bronze Age got its name as it was the period when humans started making tools from bronze.


The Beaker folk settled well with the people already living in Britain; they caused a change in culture.
They have been named after the distinctive bell-shaped pottery they made. The beakers were mainly used for drinking from but were also used as urns, to smelt copper or to store food. The pottery was decorated with bands that contained impressions made by pressing a comb or cord into the clay. An intricate item of pottery would show someone’s wealth. Excavations have shown that bell beakers were placed in tombs, which suggests that they were valued items.

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