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We were set the challenge of separating all of these materials. Sand, salt, counters, rice and paper clips. We used our knowledge of filtration, evaporation, serving and magnetic attraction to plan what to do.

This how we carried out our separating challenge.

The final stage, evaporation. You can see the solution we had at the end and then how the salt crystals had formed from the water evaporating.

Materials: We have studied the properties of materials, using technical vocabulary, such as flexibility, permeability, hardness, conductivity, how waterproof something is and absorbency.

We were set a challenge, we had to investigate the best material for a raincoat. We decided to test the permeability of materials first. 

We started our science looking at forces, in particular friction, gravity and air and water resistance. Some of us found out lots of interesting facts to share with the rest of the class. We enjoyed watching a selection of videos to enhance our learning. Check out the link below.

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