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Year 1

As part of Black History Month, Year One have been exploring the issue of segregation. We read the story ‘Mixed’ by Arree Chung to help us see that understanding, love and acceptance make the world a better place.

We learned about Rosa Parks - an ordinary woman who took a stand to help black people in America be treated fairly.  Rosa's refusal was a protest about racism against black people. We learned that racism is when someone thinks you’re not as good as them because the colour of your skin or your race is different to theirs, so they treat you differently.  We all agreed that we were thankful that in our class, we are all unique, we are all equal, we are all special to God and we all treat each other with respect.

We have created a bus with our smiling faces to remind us of how Rosa Parks helped change people’s views on segregation and to represent our journey, through school together, as one class and one family.

Mixed A Colorful Story

Mixed is a colourful story about diversity and love.

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