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Curriculum Rationale


Our curriculum is broad and balanced because it equips our children, who are often disadvantaged learners, with the skills and knowledge to access all areas of the National Curriculum whilst also encouraging them to build confidence and curiosity to become independent learners.


Our curriculum meets the specific needs of our children because it encourages all children to participate and nurtures confidence and self-esteem to become resilient learners. It allows for a more interactive and focused learning process. It fosters relationships and encourages peer to peer support whilst challenging all individuals.


We know it has impact because the children’s enthusiasm to build on knowledge from previous years promotes and maintains curiosity leading to higher aspirations and a love of learning. It gives them confidence to believe they can achieve and become the best that they can be.


Creativity being at the heart of everything we do weaves its way through all the many subjects we teach.


Visits to the many different places of interest excite, enhance and inspire teaching and learning at Cathedral School. Visits to art galleries, museums, parks, farms, theatres, libraries and castles bring learning to life. Expertise shared by the many different creative practitioners helps to create a vibrant learning environment for all who come to our school. Children are encouraged to question, to explore, to research and to be involved in aspects of planning what they learn.


Parents are informed by termly letters (from year1-6) of the planning overview for their child’s class. Pupil progress meetings take place in October, February and July. Parents are expected to come and meet with the teachers to discuss their child’s progress.

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