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E Safety Week

As part of National E Safety week Year 1 focused on what is safe to share online.


We thought about if we had met a stranger in the street - what would we tell them about ourselves? How much information would we give them about our home? our family? our school?



Unanimously, all Year 1 agreed that we wouldn't tell them very much at all. We don't know who they are or what they want.


So is a stranger on the computer any different to one on the street?


Year 1 watched "Lee and Kim's Adventure - Animal Kingdom" to find out more.

Following what we had learned from this cartoon, we worked together to decide what was safe to tell somebody online and what was best kept for our family and friends.


We took our new understanding of E safety and turned it into self protraits showing what our online identify would look like if we only shared the information we were safe to share.


We decided we were happy to share:

A nickname, rather than our full name.

Our favourite colour.

Our favourite food.

Our favourite item of clothing.

Our best qualities.


Using the App TypeDrawing we created the fantastic E-Safety portraits below:




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