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Peel Park and the Leaf Thief

EYFS went on the hunt for signs of Autumn at Peel Park. We felt the cold air and the wind blowing and saw how the leaves were falling to the ground from the trees. We found all sorts of shapes, sizes and colours of leaves and collected them to take back to class to examine more closely. 

The Leaf Thief


The following morning we realised something in our classroom was amiss. The leaves we had collected from Peel Park had disappeared! We had read a story about a leaf thief and concluded it must have been him who stole our leaves. We created traps to catch the criminal. We laid our traps out overnight with leaves inside to see if we could lure the Leaf Thief in. 

The next morning, the traps were empty but there was a letter from the Leaf Thief explaining we needed to read the end of the story. We did and discovered the Leaf Thief was the Autumn wind that comes every year to take the leaves away! 

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