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Chemistry with Cabbage

Come and see our amazing scientific experiments with Lorelly from Chemistry with Cabbage. The children were excited to test a variety of solutions to determine whether they were acids, alkalis or neutral. First the children made an indicator solution using red cabbage. Once mixed with the test solution, the cabbage water would either turn pink (acid), green (alkali) or remain purple (neutral.) 

Have a look below to see the results.

The next experiment was a demonstration from Lorelly to show how evaporation and condensation works. Through this distillation process, the children were able to see how brown vinegar became clear, distilled vinegar. The next demonstration was observing the effect of sodium bicarbonate when mixed with an acid. The children noticed that the sodium bicarbonate neutralised the acid and created carbon dioxide, causing the bag to expand.


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Sodium Bicarbonate

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Time for the next 'hands on experiment' with the children closely observing the mix of sodium bicarbonate with an acid. Then the children created a vacuum seal using a bottle, ball and water. This allowed the bottle (filled to the top with water) topped with the ball, to be held upside down without the ball dropping!

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